Your Databases in the Cloud in 3 clicks

HFSQLDrive allows you to host HFSQL data files in the cloud in a few clicks.

HFSQLDrive is intended for WINDEV Mobile, but also for WINDEV and WEBDEV (from version 24).


Prices per database

Prices in € Before Tax as of 04/07/2019
Per month  *
Volume of the Database

5 GB

12.00 €

10 GB

20.00 €

20 GB

33.00 €

50 GB

66.00 €

Simultaneous connections




1.50 €


4.00 €


8.00 €

"Backup" option

5 GB

1.50 €

10 GB

3,00 €

20 GB

6.50 €

50 GB

16.00 €

*: monthly fee for annual billing; the monthly billing rate may be different.

HFSQLDrive database
per month

Your Databases in the Cloud in 3 clicks

A recurring issue of mobile professional applications is "where will I store my data files so that they can be accessed from anywhere and by all users?".
The answer is simple: in the cloud with HFSQLDrive!

HFSQLDrive also works on WINDEV and WEBDEV.
This makes it easy to set up interconnected applications, front-ends / back-ends in WINDEV or WEBDEV, ...

With HFSQLDrive, you create your account, get login credentials immediately, and install (or create) your data files in your secure cloud, all in 3 clicks.
And within a minute, your applications can access this data in read and write mode.

HFSQLDrive: pricing

HFSQLDrive pricing is based on simple criteria.
Different fees apply according to various parameters:
• Volume of data stored
• Number of simultaneous users
• Different backup options are also available.
An HFSQLDrive dashboard allows you to edit these options.