SCM Drive for PC SOFT project development (from version 22)

• Your accessible projects: For all your projects or for a selection of projects

• Reversibility: Local copy available at any time

• 1 to 900 developers: Regardless of the size of your development team (from 1 to 900 developers)

• Worldwide access: A secure database, accessible anywhere in the world

• No infrastructure management: No server to manage, no setup to perform, no maintenance

SCM Drive for PC SOFT project development (from version 22)

SCM Drive
PCSCloud Development platform
Dedicated platform (private)
Share of Project Monitoring Center
Share of Quality Control Center
Share of Messaging Center
Backup of environment configuration
Share of translation dictionaries
Access restriction according to IP or to range of IPs
Rights management for developers
Scheduling of backups from the dashboard
Backup option of data in another datastore
Maximum SCM storage
300 GB
*Control Centers available as options
Prices in € Before Tax as of 04/07/2019
Per month *

Price per developer

1,67 €

SCM Storage  (by team)

50 GB


100 GB

8,33 €

200 GB

25,00 €

300 GB

41,67 €

> 300 GB

Development plateform
*: monthly rate for annual invoicing

Special offer for professionals only
All prices Before Tax (VAT rate applied in France: 20%) 
Non-contractual information that can evolve ; please refer to the license